Voice Services
IP Telephony services offer companies the ability to add capacity, redundancy and innovative new features all while saving as much as 40% off their current bill!

Voice Services

BroadAspect has integrated IP Telephony into its core networking platform to provide customers with a powerful new communications tool. This offering is a value add component that has been optimized to work with BroadAspect's complete line of networking services. This alone provides significant performance and cost savings.
With BroadAspect's IPConnect Voice Services you can:

  • Reduce Telecom costs with savings up to 40%
  • Improve business continuity by adding fail-over capability
  • Improve efficiency by being able to handle more concurrent calls
  • Improve customer satisfaction by having Direct Inward Dial (DID)
  • Business Class reliability with 24 hour support

BroadAspect offers two exciting IP Telephony services:

  • IPConnect PRI: Provides IP Telephony "PRI" service for your PBX
  • IPConnect Cloud PBX : Provides Full "IP PBX" functionality without purchasing a PBX

IPConnect Cloud PBX

IPConnect Cloud PBX is a business-grade hosted PBX system using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that provides your business with a reliable alternative to costly PBX's or Centrex service. IPConnect Cloud PBX includes local phone service and long distance service, with phone numbers available throughout the US. The IPConnect Cloud PBX service uses the award-winning Broadsoft softswitch to deliver these benefits:

  • Produces up to 60% savings, (TCO) when compared to purchasing traditional PBX systems
  • Integrate all remote workers and branch offices
  • Experience advanced VoIP call management features
  • Move, add, and change services with simple web-based tools
  • Port and preserve all of your existing numbers!

IPConnect PRI

IPConnect PRI provides direct SIP trunking for premise based PBX voice switches with industry leading features and reliability. With the IPConnect PRI service you can realize;

  • Advanced PRI (Digital) features; DID's, Caller ID based routing etc
  • Add phone lines (concurrent calls) on demand via web portal
  • Integrate IPConnect PRI with existing PRI or Analog lines for dual-diverse load balancing and auto fail-over

Conditions Apply

  • Adding additional lines to existing system may require expansion of current system (line cards) and programming to recognize lines.
  • Service not available in all areas. Site qualification required to verify service availability.

Customer Testimonials

"BroadAspect has been excellent to work with, going above and beyond our expectations for hosting services."

Jarrod Klunk,
Computer Solutions Group

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BroadAspect has expanded its Network Services which scale from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps offering a rich set of converged services to meet customers' most challenging business requirements.

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