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Cloud DNS Services

Cloud hosted applications and websites even on the best platforms can appear to be down if the DNS services powering the applications and websites are under attack or unresponsive to requests. Therefore BroadAspect began offering customers a world-class managed authoritative DNS service in 2011. Each Virtual Private Cloud customer is offered a Managed Authoritative DNS service on BroadAspect’s Global Cloud DNS platform included free of charge for the included DNS resources. The Cloud DNS platform is located in 17 data centers around the World and utilizes twenty upstream networks with over 200Gbps of dedicated bandwidth capacity to mitigate distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) which so many of other DNS hosting providers suffer on a regular basis.

BroadAspect includes the following DNS resources to each Cloud customer; one hosted domain, up to 50 DNS records, 1 million queries per month, 1 automatic failover domain record. Additional DNS services and resources are offered as upgrades.

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"BroadAspect's broadband service has been highly stable and incredibly fast. BroadAspect has delivered in all areas."

John Steigerwald,
Riggs Steigerwald

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BroadAspect has expanded its Network Services which scale from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps offering a rich set of converged services to meet customers' most challenging business requirements.

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