Network Services
BroadAspect has been delivering reliable business class dedicated internet services since 2001. Using scaleable fiber optic and fixed wireless technologies we have a broad set of delivery capabilities to match your toughest requirements.

Network Services

BroadAspect has built its IP network to accommodate today's growing business needs. With service plans that scale from 100 Mbps to 10Gb, you save time and money.

While speed is important, it is only part of the solution. Our managed business plans offer Quality of Service (QOS) with the following capabilities:

  • Dedicated Bandwidth: No oversubscription on metro network
  • Low Latency: 10 to 20 ms. Support for real-time messaging and email
  • Low Jitter: Voice thatís clear, smooth and dependable
  • Secure: We segment and encrypt traffic to protect your data
  • Reliable: Commitment to 99.95% network availability
  • Enterprise Support: 24 x 7 hour support with enterprise network engineers

In addition to QOS, BroadAspect has designed its services to meet the most demanding customer requirements in the areas of:

Bandwidth Upgrade on Demand

Because your business is always changing, BroadAspect provides a flexible service that adjusts as your business grows. Most providers offer a fixed amount of bandwidth that cannot be easily or quickly changed. Need more than your base bandwidth? Our business service can scale up to 500 Mbps, available with a single phone call; no additional hardware needed*.


The BroadAspect network is architected for a high level of reliability. This is achieved by utilizing a simple, scalable Ethernet architecture with a minimum of failure points. BroadAspect's core network is comprised of Cisco and Juniper carrier class equipment, connected to diverse upstream providers at one of the country's premier data center locations, Equinix. In addition, the infrastructure is covered by backup power sources that are designed for five days of "off-grid" power. As a result of these investments, BroadAspect is able to provide a network SLA with a 99.95% availability commitment.


BroadAspect has built security into each element of its network to protect it's customers. Optionally, BroadAspect can offer custom Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions providing end-to-end encryption and private virtual networks (VLANS) between multiple locations on our network.

Rapid Delivery

BroadAspect can provide service to business customers in "on-net" buildings within 30 business days of order.

Customer Testimonials

"BroadAspect has been excellent to work with, going above and beyond our expectations for hosting services."

Jarrod Klunk,
Computer Solutions Group

Highlighted Service

BroadAspect has expanded its Network Services which scale from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps offering a rich set of converged services to meet customers' most challenging business requirements.

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